Our first class yacht concierge & agency services are unique to Gibraltar and can be tailored to your requirements.

Our experienced team is there to guide you through all local yacht requirements, assist your arrival to make sure it is smooth and hassle free, and will always be available to help arrange any service you require.

Anyone who’s ever used a concierge service knows just what an invaluable time saving tool it is. When you add that our agency has also agreed discounts with most of our recommended suppliers in Gibraltar, you will find that you will be saving both time and money when you entrust the services of Turner Yachting in Gibraltar.

As both a yacht agent and yacht concierge, we have a wide range of services available for all on board. Our team of professionals are here to make your next stop at Gibraltar a unique experience.

Exclusive Excursions

Banking Transactions

Travel & Transportation

On-board Entertainment

Yacht Clearances / Formalities


Customs & Immigration Procedures

Helicopter & Jet Rental

Tourism Arrangements

Berth Reservations

Freight Handling

Restaurant Reservations

Technical Services & Support

Itinerary Planning

Hotel Reservations


Courier Service

VIP Concierge Services

Duty Free Provisions/Supplies

Gibraltar Flag Registration

24/7 Assistance

Flower Arrangements


Legal Assistance